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How to Tell If That Number Is a Cell Phone or a Landline?

Ever wonder if the number you’re about to dial will connect you to a cell phone or a landline? In some countries, cell phones are assigned unique prefixes, but in North America any prefix will do, making it difficult to tell a cell number from a landline number. Add in the ability to port phone numbers to new phone services, and it’s impossible to tell if it’s a landline or cell phone just by looking at the number.

Even without paying for Caller ID from your wireless carrier, you can find out whether a landline or cell phone number has called you by using an online tool, such as a phone number validator or reverse number search.

The easiest way to tell if a phone number is a landline or mobile number is to use a phone number validator tool. There are a variety of phone number validator tools available online including both free and paid options. Some validator tools can be used for free to check the phone number type but charge for additional information such as the name of the person who owns the phone number.

One of the easiest ways to check if a phone number is for a mobile or landline is to use a phone number validator. These tools are routinely used to check if a phone number entered is valid. Some phone number validators will send a live “ping” to the number to ensure the number is actually in service.

ValidatePhoneNumbers offers a fast and cost effective way to determine if a phone number is a landline or cell. Our simple tool allows you to identify phone line type before calling or texting.

Latest Validate Phone Numbers

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706-357-9285 Athens, GA More Info →
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